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Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines

As the conference is around the corner, we would like to, once again, express our appreciation for your contributions towards
the ICEL 2018. Regarding your presentation, please kindly read through the presentation instructions and other detailed
information prepared for you.

Invited/Oral Presentation

The authors of the papers accepted for invited or oral presentation are asked to bring PowerPoint (or PDF) slides and
present their research in a podium presentation.
ICEL 2018 will prepare a computer for presentation, and speakers are encouraged to use the conference computer (equipped with MS
Windows, MS PowerPoint, and PDF Viewer) for their presentation, to avoid wasting time switching between personal laptops.
Even though a personal laptop is used, speakers are advised to save their PowerPoint presentation on a USB memory stick AND
bring a backup version of their presentation to avoid any connection-related issues.
Files should be uploaded to the conference computer in the session room during the breaks between the sessions.
Speakers should arrive in the session room at least 15 minutes BEFORE the start of their sessions to report to the
session chair.
A proctor will also be available in case technical assistance is needed.

Presentation Time

The length of the presentation material should be in accordance with your time assigned as follows;
- Invited Presentation: 25 min. including Q&A
- Oral Presentation: 15 min. including Q&A

To keep the sessions running according to the set schedule, it is very important to keep the length of your presentation
(including Q&A) within the allocated time.


Each session room will be preset with the following: one laptop computer, one LCD projector, one screen, one microphone and
sound system, and one laser pointer. For most efficient transition between presentations, please preload each presentation onto
the laptop provided. Please report to ICEL 2018 secretariat, a technician at the conference site, or staffs in each room should any
problems occur with the audio-visual equipment.

Poster Presentation

The authors of the papers accepted for poster presentation are asked to prepare a poster and display it for the duration of
the poster session on a designated panel provided by the conference.

Location: Room B (B1), Booyoung Hotel & Resort
Poster Panel Size: 1.0m in width and 2.5m in height.
Each poster should indicate the paper title, authors, and affiliation and must fit within a 0.9m x 1.5m space.
Each paper’s code will be shown on the board.
Scotch tape or pins will be provided to fix a poster on a panel.
Use of double-sided tape is prohibited.
All presenters are required to be present at their poster panel during their poster session.
Poster Session
Put-up Time 10:00 ~ 17:00, Oct. 15, 2018
Presentation Time 18:20 ~ 20:20, Oct. 15, 2018
Take-down Time 08:00 ~ 10:00. Oct. 16, 2018